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PostPosted: 06/10/2013 at 09:36 AM    Post subject: Fretless Travis Bean Bass on eBay

Fretless Travis Bean Bass on eBay. Serial Number 579.

Description: "Rarest of the rare Beans- one of 2 or 3 made, Bill Wyman owns/owned one of the others
Rosewood fretboard in excellent condition
Body has some small dings and a scrape on the front near bridge
Sounds huge and everything works as it should
Ships in gig bag and shipping includes insurance
Selling only to help pay down medical bills for my teenager

Fretboard dots are in the aluminum and are located on the fretline as opposed to middle of fret as on fretted models. There is a separate strip of aluminum under the rosewood board which does not appear on fretted models. I'm assuming this is factory but ultimately there is no way to tell for certain. If this started life as a fretted model someone went to considerable time, trouble and expense to turn it fretless. I don't know it's history prior to my purchasing it over a dozen years ago."


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