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PostPosted: 07/18/2017 at 12:53 PM    Post subject: Making Aluminum Necks

Hey Guys! I've just discovered this forum, and not only am i impressed by how many people are for this idea, i've been inspired to try to start making them! Do you guys have any resources on learning the technicallities of making a guitar neck out of aluminum? I will dive into it anyway, since i have access to machinery needed to cut aluminum, that is, to a company that can do this for me. I have a basic knowledge of how to draw in AutoCAD and i think i could do a fair job of it

So i already know the talks about the tuning stabillity are baseless, or are at least at old instruments that do not have tuning stabillity for other reasons. I saw rick toone, among others, making the highest performance guitars out of aluminum so i'm convinced it can be done, what do you guys think? My biggest gripe would be the truss rod? I understand it doesn't need one, but wouldn't then the neck itself have to be curved inwards to create the perfect backbow that a truss rod creates?

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