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stranded horse
PostPosted: 08/09/2009 at 06:36 AM    Post subject: Vaccaro

I've recently read (though do not remember where) that Vaccaro guitars will be back this fall.
Anyone else here read something similar?

Can anyone give me some infos about Vaccaro Guitars? All I know is that it started as offshoot of Kramer (much like Kramer started as offshoot of TB) but that it didn't exist for very long. Neck design is yet different to Kramer. They look like maple necks with a aluminum headstock, but they're supposed to have a aluminum core (strange).
Yet I like the design of their guitars very much, and the few Vaccaros I have seen offered were rather reasonably priced in comparison to other metal necks.

What do you think about the quality of Vaccaro? Have you also read that they will start production again this autumn? Do you know anything about this new line of Vaccaros yet?

Greetings from Germany to all metal neck enthusiasts ;-)

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PostPosted: 08/10/2009 at 7:49 PM    Post subject:

I think Vaccaro Guitars is officially over....even though on myspace there is someone who is in the Vaccaro Family said on their page that "new guitars were coming." Paul Unkert, one of the original people who worked at Kramer and Vaccaro started up his own line of guitars (www.unkguitars.com) and he is resurrecting one of the Vaccaro models - the Generator-X guitar which is out now...and hopefully basses in the near future. His necks are all wood.

I own a few Vaccaro's (american model and korean model basses) and they are really nice instruments for the price. They do pop up from time to time on ebay (though I think the V2 guitars that are available now are priced way too high).

The neck does have the Aluminum V with a strip of aluminum that runs down the core of the neck, and it is backed by a maple enclosure to give you the aluminum sustain but the feel of a standard guitar.

Supposedly the V2 (korean) model necks are built a little differently, but I have never seen the insides of the korean models. I have the parts for an american model bass neck and can send you pictures if you like via the Kramer boards (saw you there today posting about your DMZ that won't stay in tune).

Bottom line, Vaccaro's are great instruments for the price. The american model are better than the korean V2 model (better parts, electronics, etc) but the V2s are pretty good too!

Hope this helps!

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