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  Wanted: Obstructures / tactical works 0.750

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PostPosted: 11/14/2010 at 03:09 AM    Post subject: Wanted: Obstructures / tactical works 0.750

Want one badly. I have an Egc custom number 170 but I'm looking to up my arsenal! If anyone knows of some one who has one or is interested in selling their own...let me know. Inamorata currently in talk with matt at Obstructures so if nothing comes up im going to order one anyhoooo. Cheers guys

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PostPosted: 08/05/2011 at 11:26 PM    Post subject: RE:Wanted: Obstructures / tactical works 0.750

Hey - this posting is obviously kind of old, but I have a ABC (pre-Obstructures) guitar made in 2001 that I've been thinking about parting with. It's got two pickups, two volume knobs, a selector switch, and a 5/8"s thick body (although solid, no sound chamber). The body shape was a one-off and is shaped like a les paul TV (a more rounded SG shape). It's been played hard but is in good shape and had a factory refurbish last year.

If interested, email me at duppyfoodstamps at g mail dot com and I can provide pics and such.

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