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Vaccaro :: X-Ray Bass
X-Ray Bass
Score: 7.8   12/10/2013 at 11:12 AM
by Paul Coates
Purchased New:   no
Date Acquired:   N/A
Price:   350
Name:   Paul Coates
Email:   N/A
  Style of Music: Most popular styles

Comments: I have been looking at this bass for a while at the local pawn shop. Finally decided to pick it up. With the exception of needing a quick set up, this bass is actually pretty sweet. It seems like it could handle quite a few touring seasons if i decided to take it with me.
This thing has a tone all its own, i love it! It has a distinct thump with a bit of grit that you could only get from an aluminum neck passive bass. Plays easy enough, i would compare it to maybe a US made lower end fender, Not the best, but would not bother me to play it as a main bass with a heavy gig load. The neck has a chunky p bass feel, which i love. The craftsmanship is where i think it lacks. The neck is great, the paint is great, but you can tell it was built somewhat hastily, I am not familiar with what the Vaccaro shop was like, but it seems like it was tossed together pretty quickly. You can see glue around the frets (which appear to be the original frets) The inlays are done well, and everything fits quite well. The neck is fastened in with nuts as washers behind the bolts? kinda odd.. the bridge is nice, pots are nice, pickups i think are duncan baselines.

all in all, i really like it, It is different, has an awesome sound, overall a really nice bass. It is probably not something that i would use as my main bass, but im sure it will have its fair share of play time.

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