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  TB4000 (Wedge bass) on eBay

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PostPosted: 08/28/2011 at 1:48 PM    Post subject: TB4000 (Wedge bass) on eBay

TB4000 (Wedge bass) on eBay #20. BIN @ $7,999.00


"FOR SALE: Super rare TRAVIS BEAN TB-4000 Wedge bass guitar including original ANVIL flight case (un-original silver painted). Almost all Travis Bean model TB-3000 and TB-4000 Wedge basses and guitars came supplied with an ANVIL flight case. Though the cases are beautiful they were originally factory lined with a blue color foam. This particular (colored) foam had the tendency to rot and decompose. This decaying process usually caused damage to the instruments the cases should have been protecting. Nearly 50% of all Travis Bean wedge model guitars have suffered some level of finish damage due to contact with rotting case foam and thus many many Travis Bean wedge model guitars and basses needed to be refinished or finished treated in some way. This bass was originally Black Pearl finished but unfortunately suffered some finish damage. It was professionally restored to its original color long ago before I purchased it. Additionally it had its electronics updated with newer pots, wire and capacitors including the addition of a new input jack (and new jack surround). Serial #20. $95 shipping to any mainland USA location. ALl others to pay actual shipping charges. Pick or inspection welcome in Los Angeles. "


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