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  Kramer Flying V Bass on eBay

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PostPosted: 06/28/2011 at 08:16 AM    Post subject: Kramer Flying V Bass on eBay

Kramer Flying V Bass on eBay. BIN at $849.00

Here is the description of the listing.

"Rare Kramer Aluminum Neck Flying V bass, Awesome neck!!
This is a somewhat rare Kramer flying V bass guitar. It is a shorter scale than the standard kramers. It has 24 frets as opposed to 22 (or 21) for the standard kramer aluminum necks of the same era. I believe the scale is 30". It has one pickup that is a dimarzio. The controls are Volume, tone and a coil tap switch. The bridge is a Leo Quan Badass II which is the original with this bass. The great thing about this bass that I have never seen before is the wood on the back of the neck. It is unbelievable!! Not sure what it is but I dont think it is maple. It may be a koa. The guitar has a very powerful tone and sustains forever. The tone is very upfront, but the coil tap switch helps to mellow it out if that is what you want. The condition of the bass is very good. It does have a few small cracks at the neck joint. These are common for this particular neck joint. They have been inspected and have had glue injected into them and pose no threat to the structural integrity of the guitar. Also one of the tuners is missing the cover as seen in the pictures. It still works 100% and poses no problems in any forseeable future. This is a wonderful opportunity to own a very unique and somewhat rare vintage bass. "



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