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Garcia Bean talk and possible new manufacturer to the list!

Submitted on 05/17/2007 at 10:29 AM

On the TravisBeanGuitars.com forum there is a very interesting thread that is going on. It's related to the recent auction of Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead fame) where a Travis Bean TB1000A (Artist) was auctioned off for 200-300k after surcharges and taxes, etc.

Now, that's super interesting on it's own, but there have been some interesting developments pointed out by Bean fans on the board. Though, it's not an issue if Garcia played a white Travis Bean TB1000 Artist, but is this the White Bean he use to play, or is this a replacement guitar that he rarely (or never) played live.

There are definitely two sides to the story... and the thread has gone from great investigative research to border line mud slingin', but super interesting either way. If anyone has pictures of Garcia with this guitar, you might want post a link on that forum.

You can visit the thread by clicking here.

On a manufacturer's note, a visitor to this site pointed me in the direction of Tym Guitars in Australia. They produced a Vibratone guitar with a metal neck. I sent a query letter to them to see if they produce or use to produce a run of these guitars. If so, I'll add them to the Manufacturers list.

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