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Score: 9.8   10/22/2006 at 2:00 PM
by hank
Purchased New:   yes
Date Acquired:   Feb 2006
Price:   N/A
Name:   hank
Email:   N/A
  Style of Music: rock. Focus on time changes, weird chords and percussive rhythms. Sometimes heavy .. sometimes not.

Comments: Veleno style neck took some time to get use to. I also own a Bean, which I was playing exclusively. Veleno necks are super thin, but after getting use to it, they're kinda nice to play on. Lead work is much easier. The pickups are split coil humbuckers.. so I can get the TB1000 style pickup sound.. AND the TB500 sound. The humbuckers sound exactly like my Standard Bean. I don't own a 500, so I can't verify the sound.

I gave a 9 on the Playability because of the need to get use to the thin neck. After getting use to the neck.. the playability is a 10, but wanted to point out it's a change from traditional necks.

If you wanted a Bean style neck, you can request that. I'll probably do that.. when I buy another one.

It's definitely lighter than my Bean. I have a mid run Bean so these are heavier than later models. Overall, I think this guitar is fantastic, great tone and I think that Electrical will go far in the futre.

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