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Obstructures :: 3/4" Guitar Model
Score: 9.4   11/16/2009 at 11:03 AM
by Steve X
Purchased New:   yes
Date Acquired:   Oct 09
Price:   N/A
Name:   Steve X
Email:   N/A
  Style of Music: Mainly noise-rock. A bit of very, very trashy blues-influenced noise rock.

Comments: So. It's heavy. But it's also very thin, and the way it hangs against you means that you don't notice the weight.

Mine is 'hard anodized', which means it's the blackest thing you have ever seen. Light falls into it, to quote Douglas Adams.

All of that weight is there for a reason - this thing has a real 'force' to its sound, and a crazy amount of harmonic content to everything you play on it. It clips my Traynor TS-50 unless I play through the low input with the gain down. In some ways its the end of the normal guitar - kramer - bean - electrical journey; I don't think you can get a tone that screams 'aluminium' more than this.

So - I just play the odd note, touch the odd string, pull the odd harmonic, and let the sound of this guitar be the song.

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