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Vaccaro :: X-Ray Bass
X-Ray Bass
Score: 4.8   02/02/2012 at 8:35 PM
by Brent Mingle
Purchased New:   yes
Date Acquired:   N/A
Price:   N/A
Name:   Brent Mingle
Email:   [ e-mail ]
  Style of Music: Funk,Rock,Blues,R & B,Jazz

Comments: Off the rack these basses are overall mediocre . The finish bridge and tuners are good . The tone is very muddy and the action/fretwork is poor.
If you have one and get pro neck and fret work ( to get nice action with no buzzes) and install new pickups and electronics (EMG'S sound great with it) the instrument can be outstanding . I have 2 Vaccaro Basses and after extensive custom work they are my primary live basses. I like them better than my Ken Smith basses , but it takes a lot of custom work to get them to a pro instrument level .

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