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Vaccaro :: X-Ray Bass
X-Ray Bass
Score: 10   07/14/2009 at 3:10 PM
by Tom Richards
Purchased New:   no
Date Acquired:   6/29/2009
Price:   $800
Name:   Tom Richards
Email:   [ e-mail ]
  Style of Music: Punk/pop

Comments: I am now the proud owner of a red sparkle Vaccaro X-RAY bass. New-old stock, wasn't played by its owner. Included all the case candy.

Sound is amazing, action outstanding. This is a low serial number. In many ways superior to my XL-4, and the craftsmanship rivals my 1977 Kramer 650B. I have Hartke medium strings on it, which sound great. I am switching to La Bella flatwound 760FX, as the lighter guage will be more forgiving on the neck and the string sound will more suit my style.

Every metal necker should have one of these.

Good job Mr. Vaccaro, this one is a winner.

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