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Kramer :: DMZ 5000 Bass
DMZ 5000 Bass
Score: 9.2   02/05/2017 at 05:19 AM
by Mucha Gueva
Purchased New:   no
Date Acquired:   2015
Price:   1200
Name:   Mucha Gueva
Email:   [ e-mail ]
  Style of Music: Rock

Comments: The aluminum neck gives it that special tone, better attack and sustain than wood necks. Mine is from 1981. Had to replace the input jack, one fret got loose and raised a bit, no problem for the luthier. This guitar is heavy. Neck dive is a fact but one gets used to it. Could be a problem for those who play fast and very complicated licks because you need to hold the neck to keep it from diving. All in all my favorite bass, and I play it live regularly (70 gigs/a), and our gigs are 3-4h long. Use it for recording, too.

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