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  Travis Bean neck on Acrylic Body

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PostPosted: 06/05/2013 at 07:48 AM    Post subject: Travis Bean neck on Acrylic Body

Travis Bean neck on Acrylic Body. $2000 Starting bid, $2900 BIN

"This I'd a custom made clear acrylic guitar made by George Fedden from Long Island. This is a totally custom one off design. The body is a 1 1/4 solid piece of acrylic shaped into a wild and unique flame design. The body was made to fit around the neck which is a very vintage Travis Bean aluminum neck which was never put into production. We acquired this neck over a dozen years ago and fitted it with a rosewood board with jumbo frets and dot inlays. It is a 12 inch radius on the board with Grover tuners up top. The neck is a round back shape with low action and great playabilty.The pickups is very special and is what really makes this piece, it is a 1981 Gibson dirty fingers humbucker made by the great Tim Shaw. This thing screams, wired without the treble robbing tone pot the sole 500k volume pot fitted with a skull knob really adds a nice touch. The guitar is fitted with two strap buttons on the bottom so you can lean it up against a wall and it will stand perfectly, just like and old Dan Armstrong acrylic. The pickup reads out at 16.16 ohms and is 22 years old, made when this were produced for quality not profit. the neck was never supposed to come out, and the body is a one off design. This is a one of a kind only one ever guitar, don't miss your opportunity. We also build custom pieces to your spec just search the name and you'll find all the info. Good luck and happy bidding."



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