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  Kramer DMZ 4001 Bass on eBay

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PostPosted: 06/26/2013 at 11:20 AM    Post subject: Kramer DMZ 4001 Bass on eBay

Kramer DMZ 4001 Bass on eBay. 3 days remaining. Current bid at $315.00. No reserve.

Description - "Up for auction is this killer Kramer DMZ 4001 bass. If you found this auction, you probably knew of these Aluminum necked tone monsters before. Quite a heavy bass, but rock solid, and built to last.... I think you could drive a bus over this thing, and it'd still play awesome. I am not the original owner, but know will disclaim what I know about this bass to my best ability. Overall it's in great condition. Shows only very minimal fret wear for a 30 year old bass. All notes sond, and fret as they should. A couple dings in the body here and there, but nothing out of line for a late 70's, early 80's instrument. I've included a lot of pics, so please look em all over. Electronics seem to me that they are original, except the replacement, cream colored Strat knobs (originals would've been black barrel knobs). The pots date to 1979 (code 137790x) and everything I see in the control cavity looks good, but included a pic for you to see too. I believe this is a 1979 or 1980 based on design, as well as electronics dating. The more notable part that is missing is the neck plate. This would've had the serial stamped on it to verify year, as well as been the location for the 2nd strap button. There was never a hole drilled to mount a new strap button, and I'll leave that choice to the new owner if that's how you want to get it strapped. At the heel in the neck joint, there is a small crack in the lacquer on the body. I've had it for years, and it's never changed, and seems to only be through the clear coat. Is also probably due for a new set of strings, but I know most people buying instruments like these, set em up to their preference when they get it."



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