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  Help: DMZ1000 won't stay in tune

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stranded horse
PostPosted: 08/09/2009 at 06:48 AM    Post subject: Help: DMZ1000 won't stay in tune

I own a Kramer DMZ1000 which I love to pieces for it's playability, tone, and versatility.
Only problem: I can't use it for live gigs because it won't stay in tune.
Even at home where there's no big fluctuation of temperature I have to retune it every 10 minutes.
What could be the problem with it?
I noticed that the saddle is carved very deep and that the higher strings are locking in there (once they are in there it's very hard to pull them out of the slot.
That's the only thing that seems suspicious.
Otherwise this guitar is in mint condition, though it is 30 years old. It has fine working Schaller tuners and a badass bridge, so I don't think one of these parts is the problem.

Please could you give me an advice how to fix this? This beauty deserves more than just being used for recordings.

Greetings from Germany to all metal necks enthusiasts.

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PostPosted: 10/26/2009 at 10:34 AM    Post subject: Help: DMZ1000 won't stay in tune

That is more than likely your biggest problem if not your only one. I hate making nuts! When I can I send my guitars out for professional set-up. This may sound strange for a person who builds his own but setup is an art of its own. Get a nut made or invest in a good set of nut files.



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