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  Veleno #184 on eBay

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PostPosted: 12/21/2011 at 09:39 AM    Post subject: Veleno #184 on eBay

Veleno #184 on eBay. 30 day listing. BIN at $7,969.69


Partial description from listing:
"For your consideration is this vintage Veleno electric guitar. Originally produced in extremely limited quantities (some experts estimate as few as 200) during the 1970s, it seems the last were assembled and completed long after. This particular example, #184, was not completed by John himself, rather, his family used an original body and an original neck (both with matching #184 serial numbers) and assembled them with new Gibson pickups in 2005. Though it may be possible to buy a new Veleno for the advertised price of $9,000.00 , it will not be possible to buy one made from originally numbered NOS John Veleno necks and bodies, so take advantage of this interesting and rare opportunity to buy an iconic guitar for an extremely reasonable price!"

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