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  "Electrical Co" Baritone

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PostPosted: 12/05/2006 at 08:10 AM    Post subject: "Electrical Co" Baritone

I have a short scale (32") beat up Kramer guitar that I was thinking of converting to Baritone. I know I need extra tuners installed, and plus probably a Schaller 6 string regular guitar bridge. It's the pckups types that I am worried about. What kind of pickups are used (output, resistance etc) are put in the Electrical Co Baritones since they are similar to what I have in mind. Mine has the Schaller bass pckups that are the same size as any humbucker, so they are easy to switch out. Thanks for any insight you can give me.

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PostPosted: 12/06/2006 at 12:03 AM    Post subject:

Ive used just about everything, from p90s to humbuckers to the humbuckers and single coils I make.

I guess since your stuck with the humbucker holes, Seymour duncan JB in the bridge and 59 in the neck sound really good. They are high output. On the other end I really like the 500 single coils on a Bari. They are really clear and let the piano tone come through. Lindy Fralin P90s are wonderful as well.

The 500 singles are wound to 7.k neck and 8.k /-.5 bridge. The Seymour Duncan JB is like 12.5k. A very drastic difference with the main difference being mid range. Once you start to wind a pickup there comes a point were the mids become over bearing and muddy. The JBs are very heavy on the mid range, but you can also coil split them via a switch and get a very clear 6.k single coil.

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