EGC Flying V (Lucite) on eBay

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PostPosted: 06/24/2013 at 10:18 PM    Post subject: EGC Flying V (Lucite) on eBay

EGC Flying V (Lucite) on eBay. BIN at $3,200

"You are looking at a custom made Electrical Guitar Company Aluminum neck-through Lucite bodied Flying V! The aluminum neck extends all of the way past the bridge, for maximum sustain and tone transfer. This guitar is a show stopper, watch all of your friends foam at the mouth!

This beautiful guitar was custom built with the V hardtail specification, based on the Brent Hinds model. Kevin Burkett, the owner of Electrical Guitar Company custom programmed the layout for the string-through hardtail V variant. The knobs on this one go in a straight line from the output jack, giving this example a cleaner appearance than the Brent Hinds model. This one also has all push-pull pots, two for coil split and one for out of phase. This is also an upgrade from the Brent Hinds model. There is a Brent Hinds model currently on ebay for your perusal, but I like this one better. Also note the aircraft style pickguard screws, which are Allen head and lay flush below the pickguard surface. "


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