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Obstructures :: 3/4" Guitar Model
Score: 9   12/01/2009 at 7:18 PM
by Rob Montage
Purchased New:   yes
Date Acquired:   summer '09
Price:   2k
Name:   Rob Montage
Email:   [ e-mail ]
  Style of Music: you know, stupid beard rock.

Comments: There really is no other guitar quite like this. It's obviously heavy, even heavier than my TB2000, but i have always preferred the reliable solid feel of a heavier instrument. one time after a show in chicago i felt like i had done an ab workout. so it has duel functionality.

the aesthetics are definitely "function over form" but i quite like the austere vibe that the instrument gives off. i got my body anodized black with a silver matte anodized neck and it looks very sharp. it doesn't pick up finger grease (immediately) like the neck on my electrical and it is incredibly resistant to dings and scratches. i have toured over 40 dates with it, but still not a mark on it. i partially had it made to be "tour proof" and it has not disappointed. the incredibly slim case is also very convenient for storage in the van and home.

the playability is fine, if you dont mind the weight. after being used to the veleno style neck on the electrical, i had a moderately hard time re-adjusting to the fat neck, but if you are used to a fat neck already it shouldnt be a problem. the action is incredibly low and your hand rests really comfortably on the body of the guitar.

and of course, there's the tone. it is a unique tone to say the least. i've played a number of other aluminum based instruments but the tone here stands out. it is definitely brighter and more biting than i've seen on other instruments. it manages to have some pretty significant twang and a heavy ass end when using the neck pickup. my only real issue with the tone is the pickups. they sound great but are SUPER hot and it was actually really hard for me to match my usual amp settings because the guitar would squeal hard. it took some careful adjustment to get a satisfactory tone, but i still wish the pickups were a little less hot.

all in all a high quality guitar that functionality and durability definitely justify the cost.

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