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  Travis Bean 1000 Artist on eBay

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PostPosted: 12/15/2010 at 9:45 PM    Post subject: Travis Bean 1000 Artist on eBay

"Guitar was custom made by Travis Bean for Michael Sembello. I was told, but don't have proof that he used it on tour with Stevie Wonder. Carved top, block inlays on fretboard. The custom features seem to be limited to the addition of coil tap switches. Overall guitar is in quite good condition for an instrument of this age. There is some fret wear mostly noticeably under the low E and A strings between the 9th and 15th frets. It appears to have be refinished before I owned it. most importantly it plays and sounds FANTASTIC!

In the picture there are some cocbolo knobs I had made for a different guitar. Due to the carved top of this guitar and the recessed holes on the knobs they don't really fit well (that's why there are only 3 knobs in the pics), but I will send the guitar with the origianl knobs that came with it when I purchased it.

I love the sounds of this baby, but finances are forcing me to sell a couple of my guitars."

$750 starting bid with reserve.



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