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rema Music!

Submitted on 12/01/2007 at 09:23 AM

I'm extremely pleased to announce a new online music store, based out of Germany, called rema music. Here we have a store created by a musician for musicians looking to provide something off the beaten path for guitars, basses and effects pedals. And wisely, they're looking towards aluminum based instruments! This store will bring specialty based instruments and pedals to Europe and Germany. Unfortunately for those in the States they do not plan on shipping to the U.S., but this will be great for Europe since these guitars and basses are hard to come by.

For their opening (launch slated for January 2008), they will be offering Tactical Works and Bastin Guitars initially, with more to come in the near future. For their effects, they'll be showcasing Toadworks (US) and Empress Effects (Canada), with many more to come. Along with new instruments and pedals, they'll be selling various unique pedals and aluminum guitars. The future of aluminum based instruments is looking extremely bright, and stores like this will push the industry further and further.

We are very proud to help them get exposure and appreciate their support at MetalNecks! Please be sure to check out their store at www.remamusic.com or www.remamusic.de

Rema Music

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