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Obstructures :: 3/4" Guitar Model
Score: 9.6   04/30/2017 at 12:36 PM
by Kai Guaillo
Purchased New:   yes
Date Acquired:   N/A
Price:   N/A
Name:   Kai Guaillo
Email:   N/A
  Style of Music: Punk/Hardcore/Post

Comments: Probably the most striking thing upon first opening the case is the ridiculously solid build and the weight - this is a heavy guitar! Not unplayable, but definitely in the range of the heaviest 70's Les Paul Customs. Oddly though, with all that weight focused into a thin body it ends up being pretty comfortable over a long jam if you've got a decent strap.

Playability is great with the 24.75" scale and THIN neck profile. That's one of the major advantages of this design is that you get a completely solid, ultra thin neck that won't get squirrely when exposed to temperature/humidity changes like a thin wood neck would. They offer a couple different fret size options to tailor the feel of the fretboard to the player, I chose frets that were close to modern Gibson size and it feels perfect.

Now on to the sound - it's really impossible to describe the sustain this thing has. I expected it to be good, but compared to conventional guitars they're not even in the same ballpark. It sounds cliche, but hit a chord and instead of fading out it just rings out and cascades into smooth sustain like a church bell. The pickups are hot and incredibly clear, some might say bright. Imagine very hot Tele pickups. No tone controls or capacitors to load down the signal, so you get totally unattenuated high end. This only seems to add clarity and depth to the ethereal sustain.

The one thing I will say is that this guitar will make you play differently and approach composition in a unique way - it's not the guitar you'll pick up to work out SRV licks or strum a punk rock song. It begs to be plugged in and played loud, combining the otherworldly sustain with high volume and tube saturation to evoke musical colors of a palette you otherwise wouldn't possess. Don't be surprised if you start writing new songs with a different vibe and direction once you get one. It has forever changed what I expect out of electric guitars.

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