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  neck curvature (string clearance)

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Barry Bergeron
PostPosted: 12/11/2006 at 04:46 AM    Post subject: neck curvature (string clearance)

hello all

Blackmarker wrote in a previous thread, "The neck does have a slight bit of curvature, but not much even though I play 11's in Standard...action is still pretty darn low. "

the question is - do any known aluminum neck have truss rods or any other means of adjusting neck curvature? (we call string clearance) i'm going to guess no.

may i submit that a guitar neck's string clearance should never be out of adjustment and should never be adjustable. some guitars should have maximum clearance for heavy handed players (SRV perhaps) and slide players. other guitars should have minimum clearance for shreaders and speed players who have a light touch. i build both and soon a hybred middle range.

changing the amount of string clearance by adjusting the truss rod alters intonation. the change in fret placement from one fret to th next is very small, but from fret 1 to fret 12 or 21 maybe not so small.

we now know through testing, that even for necks with max clearance, if the intonation is accurately set the guitar will play beautifully everywhere on the neck.


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