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  Travis Bean TB4000

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PostPosted: 10/31/2011 at 09:00 AM    Post subject: Travis Bean TB4000

Travis Bean TB4000 black wedge on eBay:

BIN at $20,000


"Here it is....most likely THE rarest bass in the world - a TRAVIS BEAN TB 4000 in ALL original condition...not refinished...not routed...not drilled...or raped in some other way...

.........like all of his poor brothers, that are floating around............

According to Travis Bean records, there were only about 45 basses made . This particular model has pots dated 3rd week of 1977 and was therefore one of the last Wedge basses, that were produced. The body has the usual scuffs around the bottom edges and light finish checking. The frets are in super clean shape.

Like all Travis Bean instruments, the neck has a tendency to back bow under cold weather conditions, but with the help of a blow dryer it straightens up within 5 minutes. I will not ship this bass anywhere, because of its value and the trouble that may arouse , if it gets damaged or lost on the way to the buyer . Either you pickup it up in Hamburg or you have to pay $ 1500 for a trip to your door step, WORLDWIDE . A NON REFUNDABLE down payment of $ 2500 has to be made within 7 days after bidding, which will hold the bass for 6 weeks to be picked up (anytime) or delivered (mid to end of December) .
Buy it now price is: $ 20000 = twenty thousand US dollars !"


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