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TB4000 Wedge Bass
Travis Bean :: TB4000 Wedge Bass
TB4000 is the wedge version for the Bass. Even fewer were made: 36.

Number of reviews: 1
Score: 9.6

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Score: 9.6 10/28/2006 at 3:55 PM
by shane graff
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Name:   shane graff
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  Style of Music: po-mo

Comments: The wedges are pretty heavy, but well balanced. The neck is wider than some of the other basses I have played; that's why I'm giving it a nine for playability; I have short-stubby-fingers. I do love the way the fretboard feels. The wedge is also very durable, but I did have to fix a few things when I bought it, so that's why I'm giving it a nine for durability. The weight of the instrument had caused the neck-stap pegs to strip from the body and the speed-knobs all needed replacing (which I guess is more a Gibson issue than a Bean issue). But it would be pretty hard to break this monster. This is the most satisfying bass I've played.
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