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Kramer :: DMZ 6000B Fretless

Number of reviews: 1
Score: 8.8

Recent Reviews
Score: 8.8 10/28/2006 at 8:11 PM
by bryanedp9
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Purchased New:   no
Date Acquired:   4-15-06
Price:   $50.00
Name:   bryanedp9
Email:   [ e-mail ]
  Style of Music: Rock, blues, classical, funk, metal, country... a good mix.

Comments: These things are extremely durable, beautiful, and sound great... one problem is the nut is put on in a strange way, and it can come a little loose years down the line, causing some fret buzz (even though there aren't actual frets) on the E string until you push down on the nut a bit. Nothing that can't be fixed. They're obviously going to be heavy, but it's not too hard at all to adjust quickly. The DiMarzio pickups are great... P&J configuration (in a nice cream color). The aluminum dot inlays add a nice touch, but the ebonol fretboard wears faster than the inlays, causing problems in future years. The wood selection is absolutely gorgeous, and just goes to show the detail in these older guitars. This one was made around 1980-81. The Schaller M4's stay in tune great, and are very reliable. The Badass Bridge is a great match to this guitar, and the saddles are easily adjusted, unlike some of the newer bass saddles. With 3 toggle switches, and 4 knobs, the configuration takes awhile to understand, but it all goes towards more capabilities for this guitar. Overall, I gve it a 9/10!
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