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DMZ 1000
Kramer :: DMZ 1000

Number of reviews: 3
Score: 9.9

Recent Reviews
Score: 10 04/19/2011 at 12:35 AM
by AJ
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Purchased New:   no
Date Acquired:   N/A
Price:   350
Name:   AJ
Email:   N/A
  Style of Music: Blues jazz rock country

Comments: Amazingly low action, great sound and a really solid guitar
Score: 10 11/24/2007 at 9:45 PM
by Martin Blatherwick
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Purchased New:   yes
Date Acquired:   1979
Price:   ?600.00
Name:   Martin Blatherwick
Email:   [ e-mail ]
  Style of Music: Hard rock and rock.

Comments: Bought this just for fun as I played bass in the band. Still have it and it is just like new in the original Kramer case. Love the sound. See my 450b review.
Score: 9.8 11/22/2006 at 11:44 PM
by Freddie
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Purchased New:   no
Date Acquired:   April '04
Price:   450.00
Name:   Freddie
Email:   N/A
  Style of Music: Only the good stuff.

Comments: This guitar replaced a '96 Gibson SG Standard. I won't really call it replacing, because it's such a better guitar. First off, it's heavy (13 lbs) which seems to bother people but I've never once had a problem with this. It does neck dive, but no as bad as the SG so...The guitar is built of the best quality and will last a life time. As far as tuning issues, I've never had any except the time I switched from stainless Blue Steel strings to Gibson. I usually run 12 gauge strings on this but only for hand but switched to 10s finding the nut not liking the thicker wound G string. It does best with brand new stainless strings. The basic set up is like a Gibson with the 3 way tottle and the 2 tones and 2 volume. Runs a pair of original DMZ Super Distortions w/out coil tap. Has a Bad Ass bridge which I like because it can be adjusted to fit any intonations. Now the tone!!! The tone is like an agressive Les Paul, but that's not doing it any justice. It has a high end of a tele and the bottom end of a bass. Jangly and clanky is a great way to describe it. It didn't like any of my current stomp boxes Dist , Shredmaster, SD-1, so I started running it through a treble boost. Oh yeah that's a great sound. Also run it through a modded Big Muff which I use sparingly. The guitar goes into those two pedals in either a '90s Fender hybrid SS preamp 6L6 power amp Fender Champ or a Marshall JCM 900. Surprisingly, it sounds a lot better through the Fender combo.
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