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Score: 9 10/22/2006 at 11:48 PM
by Kevin
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Name:   Kevin
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  Style of Music: Quite, slow, piano based music.

Comments: When I was first introduced to a Veleno I was shocked at how small the neck was. I was told to give it a bit and it will grow on me, it did, big time. These are some of the best guitars ever built and John Veleno is/was a genius.

The lows- the necks are almag, which is an aluminum magnesium mixture used in VW engine blocks and many other applications. Almag is soft compared to a billet neck so your are limited to 11-12 strings, anything higher pulls too much stress on the neck. Tuners- not a fan, they are Schaller 12 string tuners that are mostly plastic. They have a bad habit of breaking and since the bolt pattern is strange, replacement tuners have to be rigged or new backing plate and/or holes drilled and tapped. Chrome, the chrome peels eventually and it peels into tiny razor blades.

Highs- playability is amazing. The neck is so small and fits so nice into your palm. The sound is nothing short of beautiful, lush, chimy almost a natural chorus. Looks, I was put off by the headstock until I saw one in person. It works and works well. The chrome or annodized double cutaway Telecaster shape is classic. The only reason I put the tone at 9 is the bolt on neck doesnt quite have all the response Id like, this could even be because the tension over the nut and bridge is minor, but I dont think this is a bad thing as it adds to the way it sounds over all.

The Veleno Original is one of the best instruments ever created.
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