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  Electrical Guitar Company

Website: http://www.electricalguitarcompany.com
In Production: yes

Tim Midgett of Silkworm and now Bottomless Pit with his Electrical Baritone
Photo: http://www.fotograff.com/

Kevin Burkett of Electrical Guitar Company has created an exciting series of guitars and basses. Being a fan of Travis Bean and Veleno guitars, he has attempted to morph the two into his new line. The neck is modeled after the Veleno and the body and tone of the Travis Bean has been successfully reproduced. The guitar is also completely made out aluminum.

Kevin worked closely with Steve Albini when he developed his initial prototypes. Electrical Guitars produces four models (Standard and Custom guitars), a bass and a baritone. They will also create unique designs to musician specs, so the possibilities are literally limited by your imagination.

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