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The 5/8" model weighs 11 lbs and is machined out of solid aluminum. "The guitar is made from solid aluminum. More mass equals more tone, and a wider frequency range, as the dense metal does not absorb any frequencies from the ring of the strings". The same principle of lack of absorption makes for endless sustain. The design is neck through, with direct mounted bridge and pickups. The 5/8" model has one pickup directly wired to two jacks with no switch and no volume. It also uses a tune-o-matic bridge with an aluminum tailpiece built into the neck. The 5/8" model has holes drilled through the neck for fret markers.

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Score: 9.8

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Score: 9.8 05/10/2008 at 9:33 PM
by noparty
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Purchased New:   yes
Date Acquired:   4/4/2008
Price:   N/A
Name:   noparty
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  Style of Music: Maybe Jesus Lizard meets Big Black meets Harriet The Spy or something? I don't know.

Comments: Super thin. I'd use the word "solid" before "heavy", but if you're used to a 7 pound Fender or something, then yeah, it's heavy. Very well-balanced though, so the weigh hasn't bothered me. There's no wood on this guitar, so you don't have to worry about warping from humidity or leaving it in a hot car. One Travis Bean replica pickup. No knobs or switches. I was kindof worried about that at first because I wanted to be able to turn down to talk during practice, but the guitar has virtually no background noise so I haven't missed the knobs. I use a tuner to cut the sound if I want, but I only use that when I'm setting the guitar down or something. The whole thing is a big electronic shield, so feedback is minimal. The sustain is ridiculous. Harmonics in particular sustain for forever. The tone is very Travis Bean-ish. Classic aluminum sound. The fret holes are hard to see in low light, so that gives me some problems on songs that are all over the fretboard, but that's more because of my extreme lack of skill than any design flaw. That's the only reason I put a 9 for playability. If you want a guitar that's built like a gun, this is what you want.
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