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3/4" Guitar Model
5/8" Guitar Model
3/4" Bass Model

Website: http://www.obstructures.org/
In Production: yes

New Brutalism using Obstructures Bass and Guitar Photo: http://www.myspace.com/newbrutalism
Obstructures are creating some new guitars and basses. They're unique in their design, the bodies are 3/4" or 5/8" thick and the instruments are completely machined out of solid aluminum. "More mass equals more tone, and a wider frequency range, as the dense metal does not absorb any frequencies from the ring of the strings". The 3/4" model has two p90 high output single coil pickups. The 5/8" model has one pickup directly wired to two jacks with no switch and no volume. It also uses a tune-o-matic bridge with an aluminum tailpiece built into the neck. Both models have two output jacks and is designed to by symmetrical for both right and left handed players. Both guitars are available in clear anodize with silver hardware, flat black hard coat anodized with black hardware or raw aluminum with silver hardware.

The Oxes and New Brutalism are a couple of bands that can be seen playing these instruments.

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