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Bergeron Six String
  Bergeron Aluminum Guitars

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The voice of the electric guitar can be brought closer. The material that a guitar is made from can do it. The difference between wood and aluminum is not subtle, and this is why we build aluminum electric guitars. The rigidity of aluminum contributes to producing the “Bell Tone”. Aluminum has qualities that give a clear and focused voice to music. The Bell Tone cuts right through the soundscape of a live show. It remains unmistakable in the final production of your recorded work.

Stability is essential for a guitar to play in tune everywhere on the fretboard. We build with material that is more dense and rigid than wood is. We build a neck that is rigid enough to eliminate the need for a truss rod, and is stable enough to maintain the precise placement of the frets. With this, we can have very precise tri-cut frets and not have it be meaningless if the frets are fixed to wood that will move well past our acceptable tolerance. Aluminum is not affected by humidity. Temperature affects it in a very uniform and predictable manner. Addressing these issues constitutes a significant advance in the instrument's ability to be expressive.

At Bergeron Guitars we absolutely have solved some of the problems of the standard electric guitar, as well as aluminum guitars from the past. Bergeron guitars are not neck heavy. Our guitars have unbelievable tuning stability. The fact is, they have unbelievable stability period. Our necks will never warp or shrink. Intonation will always be dead on. Bergeron guitars will play beautifully virtually forever.

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