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  help identify this vintage Kramer please

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J Fields
PostPosted: 02/25/2007 at 1:32 PM    Post subject: help identify this vintage Kramer please

found a classic bass guitar which I think is a '78 Kramer 450G but not sure. Can you help me I.D this? What's it worth?

Here's the flickr url:

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PostPosted: 02/26/2007 at 11:59 AM    Post subject: Bass ID'd

Hello J

I contacted Mike and Dave at VintageKramer.com and Dave was able to ID this bass!

Below is a quote from Dave:
Yes, it is indeed a 450B. Judging by the features and the serial number, It
is an early model (hence the no maple strip center and long horn).
Kramer early instruments and actually all their lines continued to 'evolve'
throughout the years and it's really only by features on different
instruments that we can gauge a date. Also, the pots, if they are original
are a tell-tale sign.
I would guess this is a 76-77 model.

Hope this helps. Next is to determine the value.


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jim fields
PostPosted: 02/26/2007 at 12:09 PM    Post subject: interesting...

I was wondering why it had no strip on the body. How do I check out the pots? I have to unscrew the cover and find a serial number in there somewhere? I have a feelling they're original, though i can't confirm that yet. What electronics are in there work nicely. a nice warm sound.

to be honest, I would like to know the real value. I'm trying to raise funds for a documentary I'm making and this would help me upgrade my camera equipment if it's worth anything...though parting with it would be sort of painful because it's so fun to play.

Let me know if you get a chance. Much thanks!

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jim fields
PostPosted: 02/26/2007 at 12:16 PM    Post subject: review of bass

I was also asked to review the guitar. Well, I'm only a novice. Been playing for nearly a year. I practice pretty hard and am gettin' pretty decent but I'm no virtuoso. But I can tell you I love playing this bass. It's heavy as all get-out but feels solid. I think it'd be good for funk bass. I'm pretty straight up rock and punk so I don't do much of that. But it feels smooth as butter. Something about the neck and the way it's build...just feels right. My Fender doesn't feel as right. The sound is warm and heavy. Those two separated pickups give it a sort of unique tone...a heavy quality for some reason. I think you're getting two very different vibes off the strings...the faster ones near the bottom and the slower near the neck pickup. Overall, I love it for the way it looks, feels and sounds. It's really great. I'm not trying the hard sell here. It's just how it is. I'm going to have my bass teacher take a crack at it and see what he thinks. He's been playing bass professionally for 20 years. I'll get him to write it up.

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PostPosted: 02/26/2007 at 12:17 PM    Post subject: review of bass

If you or your friend could post a review of the 450B bass.. that would be awesome! We're trying to get more Kramer reviews. For how many guitars/models that are out there, I'm surprised by the small number of reviews for them.

As far as your experience.. that's not really important. A novice point of view is valuable as well as the pro. People interested in the bass will be interested in all reviews.

As far as the value, I would guess you have one of the more valuable instruments. The early Kramers are hard to come by. I would definitely ask at the Kramer Forum for opinions on value. I understand your need for cash.. but it might be a nice thing to hold on to.

You can post your review here:


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