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  I'd like to build a TB3000 clone

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Carl Walters
PostPosted: 07/30/2007 at 02:41 AM    Post subject: I'd like to build a TB3000 clone

I originally posted this on the Travis Bean Forum


and they suggested that it might be worth posting here as well. So here goes!

I'd like to have a go at trying to build a TB3000 clone (having discovered that my brother-in-law just happens to have a cnc machine and lots of experience making aluminim bits and pieces for his Cobra racing car). So my plan is to get him to do the actual milling from plans I provide. Now comes the tricky part! I can find several photographs of TB300s on the web which give arough idea but I'm guessing that just a few photos wouldn't be enough to make a 3D model would it?

Does anyone have any hints they can offer please? Are plans available? Has anyone tried to do this before?

Any help and advice would be very welcome.


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Greg Bailey
PostPosted: 08/22/2007 at 08:34 AM    Post subject: The WEDGE!

Hey Carl,

I think the figures you had on the Travis Bean were really a good start. I did some of my own figuring and even used yours some. I think this is what we both need for the Wedge body. Check it out and see what you think. Here's the link to the thread on Travis Bean.



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